Disposable cutlery Mould Brief Introduction

Time: 2018-09-17
Summary: Plastic Fork & Knifes are used in various application, We manufactures every types of Plast Mould for Disposable Plastic Knife & Forks.

Spoon injection molds are used in hotels, restaurants, etc., high quality plastic spoon molds generally use PC, PP, PS materials, wall thickness of 0.6-1.5mm, the number of cavity is generally controlled in 12-36 cavity, effectively prevent mold The eccentricity is misaligned, the waterway design is uniform, and the mold production time can be controlled within 12S seconds. Because of its thin wall thickness, light weight, high output and short turnover period, the disposable spoon mold has very high requirements on mold making, and the mold clamping structure is required. Reasonable, the product's concentricity should be high, can not be eccentric and can not be misplaced, the waterway design should be reasonable, so as to reduce the molding cycle, the output can reach 5 seconds per mold, a mold 4 cavity, the draft angle should be reasonable, to prevent the deformation and sticking mold.

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