Fifteen suggestions for operation and maintenance of injection molds(1)

Compared with other molds, the injection mold is more complicated and precise, and the requirements for operation and maintenance are higher.


Therefore,in the whole production process, the positive use and the meticulous maintenance is of great significance to maintain the normal production of enterprises and improve the efficiency of enterprises.


一、Choosing the appropriate forming equipment and determining the reasonable technological conditions.If the injection molding machine is too small, it will not meet the requirements. If it is too large, it will waste energy, and it will damage the mold or template due to improper adjustment of the clamping force, and at the same time reduce the efficiency.


When choosing the injection machine, we should check the Max. Injection Weight,Space Between The Bars, Shot Size, Max.Mold Height, Min.Mold Height, Screw Speed,Clamp Tonnage,Toggle Stroke,Max.Pump Pressure and so on, and then use it after meeting the requirements.


Reasonable technological conditions are also one of the conditions for correct use of the mould. Too much clamping force, too high injection pressure, too fast injection rate and too high mould temperature will damage the service life of the mould.


二、After the mould  is installed on the injection machine,the empty mould must be operated first.


Observe whether the operation of each part is flexible, whether there is abnormal phenomenon, whether the ejection stroke and the opening stroke are in place, whether the parting surface is tightly matched when the mold is closed, and whether the pressure plate screw is tightened.


三、Keep the normal temperature when the mould is in use. Working at normal temperatures can extend the life of the mould.


四、Sliding parts on the mould, such as guide pillars, needle return, push rods, core, etc., should be observed at anytime, checked and scrubbed regularly and filled with lubricating grease.Especially when the temperature is high in summer, oil should be added at least twice per shift to ensure that these sliding parts move flexibly and prevent tight biting.

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